Co-op Cafe, Oakham

Today I was meeting four mummy friends with their babies in Oakham and we needed somewhere that would fit us, the babies and their prams so we headed for the cafe in the Co-op. The cafe has quite a few options of places to sit if you have a pram and I found a spot where I felt we could fit 5 prams. There aren't many places out there where you can meet a large group of mummy and daddy friends so this was a great find!

Although the highchairs were quite unsightly, they were practical, easy to use and had a removable tray, bar in the middle and a lap belt. It ticked all the boxes! Unfortunately there were only 3 highchairs and we had 5 babies so it was first come, first served.
We got their first. Get in!

The cafe has a reduced Costa drinks menu so I was happy as it meant I could order a latte. I've realised coffee is key whilst Millie is teething! They offer a range of sandwiches, paninis and cakes which do the job but aren't anything to write home about. After a couple of my friends placed their order, the staff offered to bring their food and drinks to the table for them as they had hold of their babies. I really appreciate it when this happens at cafes and it's things like this that make us mummies and daddies come back time and time again. 

The changing facilities here are in the accessible toilet which is a huge room! The changing table has raised edges but no safety strap. As the room is so big, it's worthwhile bringing the pram in with you then you've got everything to hand and don't need to worry about the lack of safety strap as you won't need to turn away from your baby at all. 

I'd come back again if I was meeting a big group of mummies and daddies as the space was fantastic, changing facilities were great and I love Costa drinks (even if they do come from a machine!). 


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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