Coppergate Limited, Uppingham

*Coppergate has now become Javawocky. Review coming soon.*

My first trip since deciding to write this blog was to Coppergate in Uppingham. After a very frustrating few days with little sleep, I decided I needed coffee and company so I met my friend and her 8 month old boy for a coffee and a sandwich. Manoeuvring through the narrow doorway was a little tricky but a member of staff held the door open for us which was much appreciated! After we'd ordered our drinks and food, we had to go up a couple of small steps in order to get to the back room which was a little more spacious than the front room. Luckily it was quiet so we had choice of where to sit and went over to a table which had room for both prams and an array of children's books. I really liked that there were books to keep children entertained, however, Millie was more interested in blowing raspberries than reading about Thomas and Friends.

There was soon a strong and rather unpleasant aroma meaning both babies needed their nappies changing. Great timing, as always! The female toilet had the changing facilities but as this doubled as their accessible toilet then I'd hope daddies would be able to use this toilet in order to change babies too. Unfortunately, I had to move the highchairs in order to fit the pram through the corridor and the double step towards the toilets was a little tricky to navigate. I'd advise carrying your baby to the toilet rather than taking the pram as once you are in the toilet, it's a little snug! Changing facilities included a pull down changing table with safety strap and a small ledge within arms reach to put the changing bag on which proved very handy. The nappy bin doubled as a sanitary bin so the opening was quite small meaning I had to squidge the (very smelly) nappy bag down into the bin. I have to say that part wasn't very pleasant! Both babies ended up having their vests changed due to some leakage issues...teething affects babies in some god awful ways!!!

Although I didn't use one, there were two highchairs available. They were the wooden type with a lap belt but had no T bar or tray. I'm glad I wasn't feeding Millie today because I don't think she'd have been very secure and she would have been too small to reach the table which is an absolute nightmare when you're following baby-led weaning. I'm sure I'll refer to a messy, tray-less feeding disaster soon enough as this seems to be a regular occurrence for us at the minute! 

The coffee was strong (which I needed) and the sandwich was really tasty and served with some Dorito-style crisps. My friend had a Malteser milkshake upon the recommendation of her daughter (not the baby...she has two children!) and said it was really nice. I've had cakes from there before which have been really good too so a big thumbs up for the food and drink. 

On the whole, my friend and I were happy that we could fit both prams next to our table but had it been busy, we'd have struggled. I'd recommend saving this cafe as a treat for a baby-free day! I feel this cafe deserves a rating of 'average' for how baby-friendly it is but the food, drink and friendliness of the staff were very good. 


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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