Costa, Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, Peterborough

* Costa has now relocated so this review will be updated soon. *

After a lovely visit to Sacrewell Farm with my husband and sister-in-law, we decided to go for a coffee at the Costa in Serpentine Green. If you've not been before, it's a Tesco Extra with lots of other shops and everything is indoors. This seemed to be a concept alien to both my husband and sister-in-law and neither could quite get their heads round the idea. It made me wonder whether others would find this strange or whether it's just because there is nothing similar on the Isle of Man where they both grew up??

As my sister-in-law went to get the drinks and cakes, I went to the toilet to change Millie. It seems to be her new tradition to poop the minute I walk into a cafe! The cafe has a lot of tables and chairs meaning I really had to channel my inner Lewis Hamilton to navigate the twists and turns and avoid the chair legs. Although there is room in the toilet for the pram, my lack of spatial awareness meant I set the hand dryer off scaring the life out of Millie. She naturally has wide eyes anyway but the loud noise made her look even more shocked than normal. The changing table had raised edges which I liked but it didn't have a safety strap which was a bit of a shame. I always keep my hand on Millie to make sure she is safe but a safety strap just gives me peace of mind.
Within the cafe, there were various spaces where you could sit and park up the pram comfortably without getting in the way of other customers. There is also an 'outside' area (which is inside) providing even more seats and spaces for prams. We chose to sit in this inside outside area and we could all fit in comfortably without feeling as though we were taking up too much space. However, it was overwhelmingly warm and with the plant leaning over our table it did make it seem as though we were in a rainforest.

Hurray, a cafe that has highchairs with trays!!! I absolutely loved these highchairs as they had a 5-point harness and a tray which meant I could easily feed Millie. I did have to use our inflatable highchair insert again though (£6 from Ikea).

Overall, I would happily take Millie back to this Costa as I felt it was pretty baby-friendly.


Ease of access


Changing facilities

Friendliness of staff

Food & drink


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