Lambert's Kitchen, Deli, Coffee - Stamford

This week we met my friend for brunch in Stamford and decided to check out Lambert's on Cheyne Lane. I'd been here once before when pregnant but all I cared about then was whether there would be enough cushions to keep me comfy so I couldn't remember anything about the changing facilities or how much space there was for prams. Things like that just aren't on your radar until you actually have the baby and then you have to start thinking about a whole range of different things that you never considered before. 

First thing I noticed about Lambert's was how many steps there were. I was pleased I was with my friend as there are steps getting into the cafe, up to the seating area and to the toilets. I'm normally pretty good when there's just a couple of steps but there wasn't much space between each step so it was impossible to manage by myself. I'm sure the staff would have helped me had I been alone as they seemed very friendly. There were a handful of tables we could have chosen where there'd have been space to park up the pram and it wasn't too busy so we found ourselves a corner and tucked the pram behind one of the chairs. Once we got ourselves settled, I went to find a highchair...the dreaded highchair hunt! I was really surprised that they had two different types of highchairs. They had highchairs with lap belts but no tray (perfect for puree fed babies) and highchairs with tray, strap between legs but no lap belts. I went for the highchair with a tray but was a little concerned that Millie wouldn't be very secure so used our highchair insert to wedge her in which worked well. 

With Millie finally sorted in her highchair, it was time to order. My day was made when we found out that you can get a brunch of three pastries and a hot drink for £4.50! Amazing value and the pastries were absolutely delicious. Whilst we enjoyed our brunch, Millie tucked into a strawberry Organix biscuit which she assured me was delicious too. 
On our way out, I decided to check out the changing facilities and I wanted to see how easy it was to take the pram in with me.  I was able to bring the pram in with me even though it was quite a small room. The changing table had raised edges with a safety strap and they even had nappy bags. It's small gestures like this that make you (and your baby) feel welcome. There was also a small shelf which was useful as a place to put the wipes and nappy whilst you're changing baby. 

Although it's a little tricky to bring the pram in to Lambert's, I am definitely coming back. The staff were friendly, the pastries were amazing, they had highchairs with trays and there were free nappy bags! What more can a parent ask for!?


Ease of access 
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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