Oakham Soft Play, Ashwell Garden Centre

I wasn't planning on reviewing the soft play places I go to with Millie as I know a lot of mums and dads would have already checked them out and of course they are supposed to be baby/child-friendly...that's the whole point of them! I figured as Oakham Soft Play has only been open 4 weeks then it was worth a review as some of you may not have had chance to visit yet. Another reason I decided to write a review was because Millie and I had a great time and I wanted to sing its praises!

The first thing I noticed was how well spaced the tables were meaning you could easily move around the area with the pram. I was meeting two mummy friends here with both of their 8-9 month old sons. We found a table with space for all three prams, three highchairs and the three of us. It was particularly quiet but we wouldn't have been in the way had it have been busier. I was pleased when I saw the highchairs (what has my life come to when a good highchair excites me??). There were about 5 wooden highchairs that had a 5-point harness, tray and a safety strap between the child's legs to stop the babies slipping through. This is the first highchair I've come across in a cafe that I haven't had to use an inflatable insert with. As the highchairs had trays, it meant Millie could enjoy the lovely lunch I bought for her. It was her first ever children's meal out as I normally bring a packed lunch but saw on their Facebook page that they offer 5 items for £3.95 for children. Millie really enjoyed the children's food and Mummy really enjoyed the cookies (not an item on the children's menu)! 
After lunch, the babies had a great time in the soft play area for children 0-3 years. The soft play area for older children looked like so much fun. I was tempted to go and try it out but thought I might get told off. I'm sure if my husband was with me, he wouldn't have been able to resist!

Within the main toilets, there was a padded changing mat on the side next to the sink and as Millie is pretty still whilst being changed, I felt this was a safe option for us. It did mean I was stood at the 'business end' though rather than side on so I was really hoping she didn't decide to wee on me mid-change. Luckily, I was safe! In the accessible toilet, there is a fold down changing table which would be a better option for any wriggly babies. Or there is enough space in there to use your own changing mat on the floor if your baby is a real wriggler, like my friend's little boy! 

We had a great time here and I'm planning on returning very soon. The staff were really friendly too and were perfectly happy for me to take a picture of Millie with their sign. They even let me behind the counter so I could hold Millie to make sure she didn't fall (you can spot me in the pic as I did not hide very well!). Lots of space, tasty food, good highchairs, spacious changing facilities and friendly staff. What's not to love?! Thank you Oakham Soft Play!


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff 
Food & drink

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