Stamford Art's Centre Coffee Shop, Stamford

Millie has had enough of all these photos already!

I decided to try out the Art's Centre coffee shop as I know the Facebook group 'Stamford Mummies'  have met here a few times before so I thought it must be pretty baby-friendly. The accessible entrance is to the left of the building where you will find a wide blue door. It's really easy to get into the 'Ante Room' where you will find a large open space with tables dotted around the outside of the room. There is so much space here that you can pretty much choose any table and have room to park several prams. 

To get to the counter where you place you order, you have to go up 4 or 5 steps so it's impossible to take the pram with you. When we arrived, Millie was asleep so I was faced with a bit of a dilemma as to what to do. I had two options: wake her up and take her with me or ask some of the other mums in there to keep an eye on her. I was worried they'd think of me as a bad parent for leaving her with strangers just to place my order so I stood there like a wally for a minute or two contemplating what to do. Luckily, Millie chose that moment to wake up! I was so relieved! The staff were really friendly and bring your order to you. They were also very happy to give me a jug of water to cool down Millie's bottle of milk which they also offered to bring to me so I didn't have to carry it whilst holding Millie. I only ordered a cup of tea rather than food but was happy with my tea and the menu looked nice as they have a range of sandwiches, baguettes, jacket potatoes and cakes etc. 

There were at least 6 highchairs which were wooden with lap belts but no tray. Unfortunately, the first one I tried had a broken lap belt and the one I ended up using had a really greasy strap which I struggled to tighten. The highchairs don't have trays and were the wrong height for Millie to reach the table but this wouldn't be a problem for all babies I'm sure. It's such a shame that so many places I visit seem to have highchairs similar to these which means Millie can't pick up her food from the table. 

The accessible toilet contains the baby changing facilities and is a really big room so it means you can easily fit the pram in and turn it around without it taking several attempts. The changing table has a raised edge and safety strap - perfect!

Aside from highchairs (which have seen better days), I would say the only downside to this cafe are the steps up to the main foyer where you place your order which really isn't that big of a deal...unless your baby is asleep and you're too much of a wuss to ask someone to keep an eye on them!


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff 
Food & drink

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