The Orchard Cafe, Welland Vale Garden Centre, Uppingham

I was meeting up with four of my mummy friends and their babies one Friday afternoon and I suggested The Orchard Cafe in Uppingham. As it was market day, I rang the cafe in the morning to see if they could reserve a table for 5 adults and space for 5 prams. The man I spoke to seemed happy to reserve us a table which was good news. When I got there, I spoke to the lady behind the counter and she told me she'd reserved a table for us with as much room as they could manage. She was so lovely and they went to so much effort to give us as much room as possible. I did have to weave through the tables and chairs to get to our table but this wasn't too much of a problem. 

They had two of my favourite restaurant/cafe highchairs here - the Ikea Antilop. The highchairs are plastic with a tray and a 3-point harness. As there were three babies who needed lunch, I used our Pop N Sit so the other babies could have the highchairs. The food, drinks and cakes were really good and they bring everything over to the table. A member of staff came over a couple of times to clear away plates and cups to give us more room which we all felt was really good service. The staff were so helpful and friendly and were cooing over the babies as we left, saying how well-behaved they'd all been. 

The only downside to this cafe is that you have to go outside to get to the toilets, including the changing facilities. The room was big enough to bring the pram in and had a drop down changing table with raised edges and a safety strap. The also had paper towels and anti-bacterial spray above the changing table so you can give it a quick wipe down which I thought was a really good idea.

We were made to feel very welcome, enjoyed the food, had enough space and we will definitely be coming back!


Ease of access 
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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