Bewiched Coffee, Corby

Bewiched Coffee became a regular place for me to visit way before I was pregnant because I absolutely loved the friendly American gentleman who used to work there. It was his cheeriness that brought me back time and time again! "Is it baby-friendly?" I hear you cry...well, read on and find out!

As you walk up to Bewiched Coffee, you can see they display a sign to show that they are registered as breastfeeding friendly and welcome mothers who wish to breastfeed. Obviously, women can breastfeed wherever they like but it's nice to see the sign! 

The door into the cafe is a little heavy but staff and customers have helped me several times so it isn't too much of an issue. It is, however, a little tricky to navigate through the tables and chairs as they are making the most of the space they have to fit in as many people as they can. There are a handful of tables where you can fit the pram without being in anyone's way but if it's busy then there's a chance you won't find anywhere suitable to sit. There are a few tables outside though if it's a nice day where there is plenty of room. I often head for the back of the cafe as it can be quieter there. 

It was quiet on the day I went so I had no trouble finding a table. It was a ridiculously hot day so I ordered an iced coffee which was lovely and had caramel shortbread - the best one I've ever had! I've had their paninis before too and the goat's cheese and caramelised onion is a particular favourite for me. The highchairs here are fantastic as they are the ones from Ikea that I always rave about! However, there were only two highchairs which means they only get a 'good' in my ratings.
You can see how hot it was from the greasy sun tan lotion look Millie is rocking!

Even though the friendly American man no longer works there, the other staff are also very nice. They often offer to carry your drinks over if you've got a pushchair which is very helpful as it can be a tricky (and dangerous) balancing act otherwise. Millie caught the eye of one of the baristas and she came over to have a little chat which was really lovely. I'm much more confident and happier to chat to strangers now I have Millie! 

*As of July 2018, Bewiched now offer a kid's picnic box which includes a jam or cheese sandwich, pombears, juice carton and frube yogurt stick for £3.95.

Although there is only toilet here, it is a big room and has a changing table with a raised edge and safety strap. It does say on the changing table 'Please use nappy sacks provided' but there weren't any which was a shame! I always have some anyway but I thought that would have been a nice touch. They also have a toilet training stool and seat which I thought was a good idea for parents with children who are being toilet trained.

Overall, I was happy with how baby-friendly it is here but I think I may be a little biased as it's a place I go to often!


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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