Cafe au Chocolat, Stamford

Mmm....what to have?!?

Our cafe trip this time was to meet my friend for a catch up in Stamford. I decided to choose Cafe au Chocolat as I'd been here before I'd had Millie and really enjoyed their pancakes but had no idea how baby-friendly it would be. The first thing I noticed was that there was a ramp once you got into the cafe and another one down to some tables at the back of the cafe. My first thought was how great it was to find a cafe that was easily accessible for wheelchair users and parents with pushchairs. There were quite a lot of tables to choose from as it was quiet and I spotted a few where I could park the pram out of the way. It was easy to navigate around the tables and chairs and I didn't have to move anything to get to where I was going.

After I choose a table, I went to look for the highchairs and I found two. One was wooden with no tray and the other was plastic with a tray. The plastic one was like the one we have at home with different height positions and a 3 position recline. I was really pleased that they had this style of highchair but it's a shame they only had the one. Once I'd got Millie sorted in the highchair, I checked my phone to let my friend know I'd gone inside but I had no phone signal! I know this seems trivial but it's worth knowing in case you're planning on texting the person you're meeting. 

At Cafe au Chocolat, you place your order at the counter which can sometimes be tricky if you're by yourself with a baby but when the waitress brought my friend's drink over, she offered to take my order at the table which I thought was really kind and thoughtful! What a lovely touch! The food and drinks here are lovely and I highly recommend the sweet pancakes and iced coffee. Oh and the chocolates they sell are also a-mazing! 

After we had our food and drinks (and I cleaned up the huge amount of mess that Millie had made with her packed lunch!), I took Millie into the toilet to change her nappy. The room is absolutely huge and has a fold down changing table with safety strap. It was definitely big enough for the pushchair and was nice and clean.

I was really, really pleased with this cafe. The only thing that I would change is that I'd like to see more highchairs because had I have gone when it was busier, that highchair may have been in use and then it wouldn't have got such a good rating!

As you can see, Millie loved it here!


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff 
Food & drink

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