The Falcon Hotel, Uppingham

When Millie met Mitch!
Although I wouldn't normally review a hotel, once you're in the main lounge, it feels a little like a cafe with their lovely coffee and amazing cake! Aside from the step into the hotel and up towards the reception/main lounge, it is really accessible here and you can enter the lounge from the rear entrance where there is a ramp instead of steps. There's lots of room and plenty of tables to choose from where you can park up the pram. I couldn't see any highchairs so asked a waiter and he said he would bring me one. I thought this was very helpful as people often just point towards where they are and I am always more than happy to get it myself but it was really nice having someone get it for me! The highchair was the wooden type with a lap belt and middle strap to keep the babies secure. Millie was only having a biscuit and some milk whilst we were here so it didn't really matter that there was no tray but if she had been eating, the highchair was a good height in comparison to the table. 

The changing facilities here were lovely and had a premium feel to them. They were very clean with White Company soap and moisturiser and individual cloth hand towels. The changing table had raised edges and a safety strap and I could fit the pram in with me.

I was really happy with how baby-friendly it was here and would be happy to bring Millie back again. Not only did we enjoy the hotel but Millie got to meet my friend Mitch for the first time and had a lovely time dancing and cuddling!


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff 
Food & drink

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