Hungry Birds, Oakham

When I arrived at Hungry Birds, every table was full so I thought I'd have to turn around and leave but one of the ladies that works there moved her coffee and laptop and gave me her table which was nice. I struggled to get the pram past the middle communal table as there was a group of men sat there but one moved his chair in slightly so I was able to squeeze by. It took me a few attempts but I managed to park the pram so I wasn't completely blocking the walkway to the counter. 

They had two wooden highchairs with lap belt and strap between the legs but they were too short for the table and as Millie was due to have her lunch here too, I decided to use the Pop N Sit instead. I ordered a cup of tea and a sandwich and both were lovely. The cakes looked absolutely delicious and I have heard from friends that they are really good. 

Unfortunately, the toilet was too small for a changing table but you could change the baby on the floor with a changing mat if you really had to. I know this can't be a nice experience for the baby but needs must sometimes!

Hunrgy Birds is a lovely cafe serving really good food, cakes and drinks but the premises is just too small to fit prams in comfortably especially when it's busy. I will definitely be back on one of my rare baby-free days!


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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