The Farmer's Kitchen, Farndon Fields, Market Harborough

The Farmer's Kitchen at Farndon Fields can be found by walking through the farm shop - a similar experience to leaving a zoo or theme park where you walk through the gift shop in order to leave! This marketing ploy definitely works as I ended up buying some caramel shortbread (it's made at Farndon Fields and was absolutely delicious. I can highly recommend it for those of you with a sweet tooth!) 

When you get to the cafe, you are greeted by a waiter/waitress who seats you. The waiter who seated us was really friendly and checked that there was enough room for me to get through with the stroller; there was plenty of room and all areas of the cafe were easily accessible. It was a lovely day so we sat in the large outside area that had tables with parasols and plenty of room for the stroller. Inside would have been a little trickier as the tables were closer together but it is doable and I'm sure the staff would help find you a table with a little more room. I could see three wooden highchairs which had a lap belt and a strap between the legs. It was a little lower than the table we were sat at but was manageable and I've experienced far worse in the past. The difference in height was probably because we were outside and our table was higher than the ones indoors. 
The food and drinks were very good and were priced at the higher end of reasonable. As it's a farm shop cafe, we did expect it to be a little more than your usual cafe but the quality of the food matched the price. The menu can be viewed online so you can have a little look before you get there - something I often do! 

After we paid for our food, I took Millie to have her nappy changed. There were four toilets, one of which had changing facilities. The room was large enough for the stroller and contained a drop down changing table with safety strap. The room was very clean and I really liked the decor. 

We had a lovely lunch here with our friends and I felt it was definitely somewhere I'd come back to with Millie. The staff were helpful, the food was great, it was easily accessible with clean and spacious changing facilities and the whole place had a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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