Cosy Club, Stamford

by - August 14, 2017

Cosy Club, in Stamford, isn't actually a cafe but is described on their website as a venue which "offers informal casual dining, drinking and lounging..." My mummy friends and I needed somewhere to meet which was big enough to fit all 7 of us (plus prams and babies) so we booked a table at Cosy Club and asked them for room for the prams and 3 highchairs. We'd actually met here a few times before I started my blog but one of my friends suggested coming back so I could write a review. Access into Cosy Club is a little tricky because, despite the wide entrance, the doors are quite heavy or maybe I'm just a weakling! They have a ramp instead of steps into the main entrance which makes life much simpler if you have a pram.

Unlike previous visits, the table we were given was tucked away in a corner and had space for the prams which made us all very happy (it's the simple things these days). If you aren't with such a big group of mummies and daddies, there are various tables where you can find space for the pram. Some routes between the tables are a bit of a squeeze though and I've had to ask people to tuck their chairs in before so I could fit through (so awkward!). 

Unfortunately, the three highchairs we'd requested had not been brought to the table so we had to ask for them but the ones we were given had broken straps so they had to be replaced. Luckily, Cosy Club has lots of highchairs which is brilliant as this seems to be a very popular place to go if you have children. The highchairs are wooden with a safety bar between the legs. Unfortunately, the highchairs are the wrong height for Millie to be able to reach the table so it was a little awkward trying to give her lunch.

The changing facilities are in a large accessible toilet which is big enough to take the pram in with you. The changing table has a safety strap and there are two nappy bins (probably because it's so popular with mummies and daddies) but one of the bin's lids wasn't closing so it was a little smelly. The room is quite dark so you have to release your inner Ninja-mum/dad skills to change your baby in such low lighting. 

The food and drinks here are good but a little pricey in my opinion...I'm at the end of maternity leave so perhaps that's why I squirm when I see the prices on the menu. 

Although a lot of people rave about how child-friendly it is here, myself and my friends feel more effort could have been made to accommodate us (this time and on our previous visits) like other places we have visited - especially as we booked in advance. I've given Cosy Club a 'good' rating because I think if there was just a couple of prams they'd be much better at accommodating you, however, I feel my experiences here with my mummy friends have only been average. 


Ease of access 
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff 
Food & drink

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