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by - October 16, 2017

On our way home from Corby library one day, it started pouring with rain so I decided to nip into the nearest cafe I could see and it was Qube Cafe Bar (which I later found out you can access via the library so no need to go outside). At first I was a little concerned that I wasn't cool enough to be here as the music was quite loud and I felt I could have been out clubbing - don't worry, it soon turned to a George Michael fest and the clubbing vibe vanished! There is loads of seating here with the main cafe, an outdoor area and an outdoor area that's covered so you'll have no trouble finding somewhere suitable for yourself and a pram (or two). 

Once I'd sat down, I had a glance around for a highchair and couldn't see any so asked the waiter and he said he would get me one. He came back with a wooden highchair which was a little low for the table but not too bad. He made a real fuss of Millie which was nice and made me feel they were happy to have parents bringing their children here. 

As I had only nipped in to get out of the rain, I wasn't ordering food but had a good look at the breakfasts one of the waiters brought out and they looked really nice. I had a look on the menu and the food was very reasonably priced and they even did sushi! The cafe turns into a bar at night and they have a huge cocktail menu so might be worth a visit if you're baby free and in the need of a Bellini (or four). You place your order at the bar which can sometimes be a bit of an inconvenience with a baby but they do bring your drinks over at least. I ordered a large latte but asked for just one shot of coffee and I was pleasantly surprised when the waitress said she would only charge me for a regular! Happy days!!! The latte was really nice and I'd like to come back to try the food.

On our way out, I went to change Millie but realised the toilets were part of the library which meant the changing facilities were quite a walk on the first floor and you have to get a key from reception. I thought this was a bit of a nuisance until I saw the changing facilities! The room is HUGE with two toilets, two sinks and a drop down changing table with a safety strap. 

Although my first impressions were that Qube Cafe Bar would not be baby-friendly, I was wrong. The staff were very friendly and made me feel welcome and there was plenty of space for prams and highchairs. 


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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