Wistow Cafe Bistro, Wistow Rural Centre, Wistow

by - August 29, 2017

I met my mummy friend with her two year old and one month old boys at Wistow Cafe Bistro on a lovely sunny day. The cafe has two outdoor areas, one covered and one uncovered (blankets supplied) but both were incredibly busy and we couldn't find anywhere to sit with enough space for the prams so we headed indoors. Access inside is easy with ramps and enough space between the tables to 'drive' without hitting any furniture. There were a few tables we could choose from with enough room for both of the prams and a highchair. I couldn't see any highchairs at first but asked the lady behind the counter and she told me where they were (through the door towards the toilets) and even offered to get one for me. I thought this was very kind and thanked her but told her not to worry and that I'd get it myself as she was so busy. There were four wooden highchairs which matched the table height well. I also noticed a wooden bead maze toy under the highchairs - I like it when cafes have toys for the children to play with.
I ordered a frappe (which was really tasty) and a brownie (which was a little dry...my parents own a bakery so perhaps I'm fussier than most?!). My friend said the cake she chose was nice and she enjoyed her cuppa too. We weren't here for lunch so didn't try anything savoury but the food I saw being brought to the tables looked good so I'd like to come back for lunch one day. 

I asked if there were any changing facilities in the cafe and the waitress told me the toilets in the cafe don't have any changing facilities but the toilets which are outside and part of Wistow Rural Centre have a changing table. I went out to see what it was like and although it was big enough to fit the pram in, I was a little disappointed to see that the pull down changing table was dirty with quite a few crumbs. Going outside to use the changing facilities would be a little annoying if it was raining but it isn't too big of a deal.

Overall, I enjoyed the frappe, the friendly service, the space for prams and the highchairs.


Ease of access 
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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