Stamford Garden Centre, Stamford

by - January 06, 2018

Stamford Garden Centre has easy access but there are a few steps down to the main part of the cafe. The staff are very helpful and friendly so there'd be someone to help you if you chose to sit in the main part of the cafe. There are a handful of tables before the steps so my Dad and I chose to sit there to save dealing with the stroller. If you did decide to sit in the main part of the cafe, there are a few tables to choose from which would give you enough space. There's also some outdoor seating if you visit during the warmer months. The cafe had two wooden highchairs with straps and a tray. They also had cushions which you could use to support your child if you needed to.

The food and drinks here were lovely and some are priced reasonably but there are a few dishes which are perhaps on the more expensive side but pretty normal for a garden centre Dad was paying so I didn't mind! The children menu had a few options between £4-£5 of things like macaroni cheese, beans on toast and a ham and cheese toastie, for example. As I mentioned before, the staff were very friendly and a couple of people made a fuss of Millie and they didn't seem to mind her throwing food (I did clear it up afterwards!).

The changing facilities are in a large room but the changing table unfortunately had no strap. Millie's going through that awful phase (please tell me it's a phase!) where she acts like having her nappy changed is the worst thing to happen to anyone EVER so a safety strap on a changing table has quickly become my best friend. On the bright side, there were nappy bags available which is always a pleasant surprise. There was also a step stool for the toilet which I know will be much needed for those of you with older children.

I really liked it here and have become a fan of a garden centre adventure so it's great to find yet another one to visit again.


Ease of access
Changing facilities
Friendliness of staff
Food & drink

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