The Coffee Tavern, Oundle

I used to visit The Coffee Tavern as a teenager maaaaaaany years ago and was excited to hear that they’d opened a toddler play room every day between 9am-3pm. I decided to visit one day after I was in Oundle picking up some amazing handmade leggings made by Lottie & Luna. I knew there were a couple of steps into the cafe so I decided to leave the stroller in the car. There isn’t much room for pushchairs in the cafe and the play room is up a flight of stairs so I would definitely suggest leaving the pushchair in the car if you’re able to.  If you have to take a pushchair then I’m sure someone will help you into the cafe as they’re used to children coming in and hopefully you’ll find a little space to park it up. 

The first thing I did when I arrived was ask about the changing facilities because Millie had done a stinker in the car - classic Millie! I remembered the toilets downstairs were quite small so was praying they’d put changing facilities in since my last visit and they had. Phew, panic over! Upstairs there is a changing table with a changing mat and even some wipes available. The changing table is quite wobbly which thoroughly entertained Millie as she kept making it rock and singing ‘row, row, row your boat’. There’s a sink in the room but no toilet which was a bit of a pain when I needed the toilet as I had to take Millie downstairs and bring her in with me into the small ladies’ toilet, all the time praying she doesn’t unlock the door whilst I’m mid-flow...why do children do that?!! 

The toddler play room has various things for the children to play with such as a music table, bead maze, rocking toy, large plastic bricks, stacking cups, a sit on car, a play mat for babies, some soft toys and even a TV. There are three wooden high chairs but also toddler tables and chairs (in the play room). The toddler room also has seating for about 8 adults. Millie did try and escape a couple of times into the next room - she needs to be gated in these days!    

We only stayed for a drink so must make sure we come back soon for food, especially as they do waffles. Who doesn’t love a waffle? The menu is huge and prices are reasonable with sandwiches priced at about £5 and a mug of tea is £1.55. They have a children’s menu with hot meals such as chicken goujons, fish fingers, jacket potato, for example (all £4). 

It’s great to find another cafe where you can enjoy a cup of tea whilst letting your little one play happily. We’ll definitely be back to try some food. 


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