Boating Lake Playground, Corby

As the weather was so nice this afternoon (April 2018), we headed to the playground at the boating lake on Cottingham Road, Corby. The boating lake has its own free parking or the playground is only a ten minute walk from the town centre - walk past the swimming pool and head into the woods, walk past the outdoor gym equipment and then you’ll see a building in front of you (with a cafe and toilets/baby changing facilities) and the playground is to the left. Below is a photo showing the park (in red) and possible places to park (in blue - the closest car park is free) with the walking route shown in yellow.

 This playground was definitely not one of my favourites; it was very muddy (it had rained the night before though), I saw some graffiti and there was some litter on the benches - it is in definite need of a bit of TLC! The pictures below show the different areas of the playground. There was only one small area which Millie could access independently but of course she insisted on trying out the biggest slide there and nearly gave me a heart attack! 
I liked that the park is gated and that there is a cafe and toilets close by. Hopefully it’ll be better once the grass/mud has dried out.

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