Duddington Playground

I visited Duddington playground (Highfield, PE9 3QD) in April 2018 on a pretty dreary day. I got Millie in her puddlesuit and snow boots so the wet grass and damp slide weren't an issue at all (apart from the fact I didn't bring any spare shoes so my Uggs got a little wet!).

There’s some space to park nearby the park as the road is quite wide so I parked the car slightly on the pavement (making sure to leave enough room for a pram!). The picture below shows where the park is (in red) and where I parked (in blue).

Unfortunately the gate was broken so if you know you’ve got a runner, you need to be aware that they could escape quite easily. There’s lots of different equipment for children of all ages to play on and there are picnic tables too. Duddington playground is a nice one to visit and we'll be coming back. 

Pictures below show all areas of the playground.

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