Edith Weston Park

On a very hot July afternoon, Millie and I nipped to the park in Edith Weston and only spent about 15 minutes here because it was very hot and there wasn't much Millie could play on at her age (nearly 2). The park is enclosed and is surrounded by a field with sheep in - Millie sat for a few minutes in the shade and enjoyed watching them. The park has a couple of toddler swings, two tunnels and some climbing equipment with the wobbliest bridge I've ever been on - I was in fits of giggles trying to get myself and Millie across it. 

Below is a map showing where the park is (in red), where I parked (in blue) and the footpath (in yellow). You should see a blue 'Playground' sign above a bin and there's a really narrow path which leads to the park. I'm sure there are other places to park and have been told the park can be accessed by walking through the field near to the primary school but haven't done this myself.

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