Ketton Playground

In April 2018 we visited Hall Close play area in Ketton. It’s not visible from the road and is behind the primary school off Bull Lane and Redmile’s Lane. The picture below shows where the park is (shown in red) and (roughly) some areas to park (in blue). The green dashes show the footpaths leading to the park.

It’s a fantastic park with a basketball court, a large open area for ball games and picnics, a play area for older children and a gated area for children 8 years and under. There was lots of equipment Millie could go on and the only thing she struggled with was getting up the steps to use the slide.

The only downside is parking. It’s not an easy place to find if you don’t know the area and the places nearby to park are residential with narrow roads and sometimes no paths - drive slowly in case people are having to walk on the road. 

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