Oakley Vale Playground

Another playground we visit quite regularly is in Oakley Vale (opposite Corby Primary Academy's playground), near Butland Road, Corby. The map below shows the park (in red), free parking (in blue) at Oakley Vale District Centre (where there is a pub, shops, take aways, hairdressers etc) which is a short walk across a field to get to the park (shown in yellow). If you’re local to Oakley Vale, I’ve shown other footpaths (also in yellow) to show how to access the park from other directions.

It’s a lovely gated park with a basketball court nearby and a huuuuuge grassy area for ball games next to the park. There was lots for Millie to play on here and I really like that she can access the slide via a ramp rather than steps. Millie loved playing the noughts and crosses game and driving the wheel of the 'bus' too.

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