Weldon Woodland Park

One beautiful June morning, Millie and I went to Weldon Woodland Park (Stamford Road, NN17 3JF) for a walk and a play at the park.

I had no idea where I was going but saw an opening just off Stamford Road and figured that must be it. I found a small car park (can fit about 12 cars) and hoped for the best! From the car park there’s an entrance into a field/woodland area. If you follow the path round to the left you’ll find the park area after a few minutes.

The park has a single basketball hoop as well as basketball court, tyre swing, a half-pipe, BMX track, two goal posts, two play areas and benches/picnic tables. One of the play areas is for older children and has ropes to climb up, a mini climbing wall and a slide. The other play area is enclosed and is for younger children. It has two spring rockers, a small stand-on roundabout, a slide with some bridges and a fireman’s pole and a tricky obstacle course with balance beams. Millie really enjoyed walking across the bridges and going down the slide. It’s a real shame that, despite the bins, there was a lot of rubbish around the play areas.

Below is a map showing the car park (blue dot), the path to the play areas (in yellow) and the play areas (the red square) so hopefully this will help you find it so that you don’t walk the wrong way round like we did! 

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