The Play Town Role Play Centre, Essendine

by - March 10, 2019

Millie and I visited The Play Town Role Play Centre during a recent visit (Jan 2019) back to England to see our friends. We had THE BEST time and I just had to tell you all about it.

The Play Town consists of 12 role-play areas with three 90-minute sessions run throughout the day, every day. Prices are £6/£6.50 per child (off peak/peak) and the first accompanying adult is included in that price. Additional adults are charged at £3.50/£3.75 (off peak/peak) and pre-walkers are free when accompanied by a paying adult or sibling. The number of participants are limited (and it's very popular!) so it's best to book online beforehand. 

I'm not quite sure why but maps on my phone struggled to find The Play Town and sent me somewhere completely different. For anyone who isn't sure, there are details of where to find it on the 'Contact' page of their webpage. 

Access into the building is easy and there is a buggy park inside for prams as they aren't allowed into the cafe/play area. The tables are quite close together which is why there isn't room to bring them in. The cafe has 7 Ikea highchairs and serves drinks, fruit, snacks and cake during the morning session (9:30-11am) and during the afternoon sessions toasties and a children's meal deal are also available (sandwich, squash and 3 snack items for £4). The coffee here is really lovely and the 'B is for Brownie' brownies are heavenly!

Within the communal area of the toilets there is a lovely, clean and comfortable-looking changing table complete with hand sanitiser and nappy bags. Each of the toilets have step stools for your little one to be able to reach the sink/toilet seat. 

Now on to the fun stuff - the play areas! There are 12 role play areas (construction, health centre, vets, theatre, beauty salon, cafe, supermarket, fire station, park, ice cream van, post and road) with large amounts of costumes and incredible equipment allowing each child to learn through play, use their imagination and have huge amounts of fun.

We absolutely loved The Play Town and it makes me so sad that there isn't anything like this on the Isle of Man, where we now live. If the owners fancy moving to our little rock and setting up something similar, that'd be absolutely amazing!!!


01780 433531
Play sessions (every day): 
9:30 - 11am
11:30am - 1pm
1:30 - 3pm

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